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I don't let people push me around anymore. When I was younger, I basically would just go along with whatever was suggested regardless of what I felt about it. Now, I will speak up and make my opinion known if I feel strongly about it. And I have an attitude now, which isn't necessarily the best,
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I think I'd be on cloud nine. I really hated my life when I was 12 because I had basically no friends and my family was falling apart. Now, I have the best friends and sorority sisters, my family is stable and caring, and generally, my life is pretty good. I never would have seen this coming at 12.
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Yeah. Thankfully, my name is fairly common so unless I google something else specific to me, like where I'm from, all I get is a bunch of basketball players. None of whom are me.
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I've had two breakups in the past, both of which were very, very messy.

The first one, I do not keep in touch with at all. I know nothing of how his life may or may not be going. He was a stalker anyhow so I'm glad to be rid of him.

The second one, I talk to once every few weeks. Since we had been dating for a long time, it was harder to just cut him out, not for lack of trying. He was not very pleased about the relationship ending and made it know rather nastily for a long time.

Ah well. I'm better off now.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I'll probably go to midnight mass, but what I'm looking forward to is helping my parents wrap Santa's presents for my little sister!

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